The People

Families travel 3-4 hours to fetch water from ponds, rivers, and unprotected springs. Dirty water means sickness, wasted time, missed school and lost hope. This makes it impossible for people to meet their full potential, locking them in a cycle of poverty. With your help, clean water can end this cycle.

The Solution

Capping nearby springs will provide more than enough water for the daily use of the families – enough for the community as it grows in the future. Together, HOPE and the community will lay pipeline to the community, and will build water reservoirs, water points, and wash basins. HOPE and local community educators will provide hygiene education to each household, so that the community can improve their health.

The Long-Term Impact

HOPE will work alongside the community for 2 years to ensure that the whole village is fully supported as they begin to change their lives.

In addition to forming a local water management committee and training water system caretakers, women will also have the opportunity to further improve their lives and livelihoods by joining self-help groups where they will learn new business skills, increase personal savings, and start a small local business.

HOPE International Development Agency will walk alongside the community throughout to help women, men, and children improve their health and their futures.